Design-Build Projects

Major projects include the Reibling Estate development for Taurus Developments at Corkum’s Island on the South Shore, Albro Creek Farm Development & Equestrian Centre in Falmouth, King Andrew Tower and Palace Royale Apartments in Clayton Park for Templeton Properties. In Bedford a major –design build project was carried out at Struan & Diane Robertson’ residence and for Kiel Development’s Hammond Centre. In the Annapolis Valley a large slope garden was constructed at the residence of Peter McKay and Heather Price in Wolfville.

Halifax Westin Hotel

In 1988, The Nova Scotian Hotel was purchased by Revenue Properties Ltd a Toronto development company and Stan Kochanoff was brought in to work with a Californian architect, David Carson who was in charge of the renovation of the venerable hotel. The size of the building dictated large trees to create an impact to the front of the building which originally was an asphalt jungle. The initial project with 8 large Norway Maple Trees blossomed into an $250,000 dollar project over two years with plantings on the three major sides of the building.