On-Going Nature Walk Project for Arbor Memorial at Oakridge Memory Gardens, Sackville, NS. Fall 2014

Project detials (PDF)

One of Environova’s most interesting projects in 2014 is the design and implementation of a Nature Trail development through an old growth forest area at Oakridge Memory Gardens in Lower Sackvile, Nova Scotia.

The site was located an area on the cemetery property on the western side and behind the superintendent’s and staff works building. It occupies approximately an acre and half of land in a mixed forested area that has been abandoned for a number of years. The wooded area features some old growth trees such as a huge Linden, several Scots pines, Black Locust, White Ash, Red Oak, Horse Chestnut, Chinese Elm, domestic apples and Norway maples in the hardwood species. White and Black Spruce are the dominant conifers planted along the western and eastern edge along with a couple of Balsam fir. Understory shrubbery include Red Twig dogwood, blackberry, hawthorn and Pin cherry. Bishop’s weed or goutweed dominate the grounds cape The area was the site of a house for the original farm property.

After a Tree Assessment proposal for the site was submitted in late December and approved by Arbor Memorial project manager, Kelly Brigley Environova Planning Group was commissioned to proceed with the assessment work so that the design and implementation of a nature Walk could proceed in 2004. The Tree Assessment report was completed on January 17, 2014. In April of 2014, Environova was commissioned to design the Nature walk that would feature cremation cemetery products along the trail edges and interior. Design guidelines and specific details for the type of products to be featured were forwarded along with some pictures and plans of similar projects Arbor had completed in the west and Ontario. Environova Engaged the services of Thompson Conn surveyors to carry out the site survey and assist in the trail design lay-out. Below is the original design submitted in may of 2014 showing the trail design and survey locations of the trees!